11 weeks and 2st 3 down

So I’ve lost 8lbs in the last week (or 5lbs in the last 3 weeks, all told) Bringing me to the at least 2st 3 lost overall since the New Year. Not too bad.

A good loss (the station scales are still not telling the truth about my height and BMI) but it really probably should have been 10lbs as I had 6 foodpacks on Saturday and a meal for the last two nights. So much for 100 perfect days before my holidays!

I feel like I need to concentrate now until I’m at the 15st mark – which could be 4 weeks if I stick to plan, or more likely 6 weeks if I break for Easter – that all depends on what the vibe is like at home, really. I can’t get the hang of the weekends at the moment – the walking means that I am not lying in bed all weekend, but getting out of the house and wandering around triggers a lot of food related stuff. I also sussed out why I got peckish at the weekend – the heating is off so everywhere was suddenly cold at the point I had properly hit ketosis meaning I was extra cold and therefore the needing to eat thing was triggered.

I feel like I need to concentrate now until I’m at the 15st mark – which could be 4 weeks if I stick to plan, or more likely 6 weeks if I break for Easter – that all depends on what the vibe is like at home, really. I can’t get the hang of the weekends at the moment – the walking means that I am not lying in bed all weekend, but getting out of the house and wandering around triggers a lot of food related stuff. I also sussed out why I got peckish at the weekend – the heating is off so everywhere was suddenly cold at the point I had properly hit ketosis meaning I was extra cold and therefore the needing to eat thing was triggered.

Starting to feel a lot more confident at this weight though – It would be nice to be below 100kg again. 

Here we go – I am keeping on, in a fashion.


4 days back in the zone

Okay, I’m feeling it now, back in the zone! – I wasn’t feeling it at all last week even though I stuck to foodpacks for 5 days straight – I was eating between 4-6 packs a day, sticking at around 16st 8 – and in the end at the weekend, I eventually sat down and went out for a meal with booze. And I had a faint hangover the next day and forgot my foodpacks for Monday so I had whatever I wanted then as well! 

On Tuesday, however, I weighed in at 17st 

(which is not a real weight because of two days of being back on normal food and booze) on the nose in Boots – but somehow I was significantly lower in fat than I had been 2 weeks previously – suspect averaging 15000 steps a day is helping with the fat percentage reduction (or the Boots Scales bodyfat measurement isn’t worth the extra 50p you pay for it!) I stuck to three foodpacks and walked 10 miles, most notably through Regent’s Park (it’s such a beautiful park, definitely London’s finest) in the quiet, entrancing gloaming. 

I walked home via Kentish Town. Close to home I spotted a fox in on a roof. Afterwards…I was tired, but the nice sort of tired where you just fall asleep in a nice fuzzy ball.


I’m supposed to be helping out on an event at work tonight but I’m going to bail on that as I have an event tomorrow night as well and two nights out on the trot when I am restarting and doing well so far is a potential pitfall – I can feel I have a lot more resolve this week, but I choose not to test it too heavily!

 Interesting times at work, I’ve applied for a broader, more senior role that I have a lot of experience in (but an awful lot of other people have applied for it as well so we’ll see about that) and my line manager is moving on in the next few weeks – this is clearly time where I need to buckle down for a bit because I need to make some big decisions about my future in the next 3 months.


Going really well now – three days on the trot of 3 food packs and despite being quite tired I managed to get over 10k steps yesterday – just at the point where I was about to sack it off, 3000 steps short of target for the first time in 32 days I spotted one of the best Pokemon about 10 mins walk out of my way – so I dashed up the hill to catch it. I got home and completed 10500 steps for the day. Phew!

Friday – and so here I am on the fourth day in a row of being back on track – back to the home scales being on 16stst 1ish, so if I have a focused and calm weekend, I should manage to get the official Boots scales below 16st 5 for the first time in 2 years next Tuesday. It feels a lot more focused now I feel like being in the 15s is well within my reach – which it was a couple of weeks back but – well – sometimes you’ve got it, sometimes you don’t.

I’m going to walk as much as I possibly can at the weekend – it doesn’t look like it will be too terrible, weatherwise. Just looking forward to the extra hour after work in 9 days’ time as I really enjoyed my post work Regents Park walk the other night. Also need to figure out how to get a spot of swimming in now.

9 1/2 weeks…

Hello there – I’m pottling along – haven’t eaten anything that isn’t a foodpack so far this week but have averaged 4-5 foodpacks a day this week but I’m mainly trying to make sure I get back into it and stop eating off plan. I have walked a lot – 10 miles on Tues and about 8 miles yesterday so at least I’m burning the extra calories!

Feel like the weight has taken a drop as my starting trousers are now very very loose and can be binned. Of the new clothes I bought a couple of weeks ago everything fits barring a size 18 fitted shirt dress which goes on, but isn’t really wearable yet so that will be my next marker of weight loss.

Last night was tricky as I went for drinks with colleagues – I happily lasted a couple of hours on 2 diet tonics but there was something about the situation that made me want to eat – although now I think about it it’s the standing there knowing I’m not going to be getting home for my third pack until 8.30 at least. It was a good laugh and I excused myself at a reasonably respectable 7.30 realising that as I had only done 4000 steps to that point that I would have to do around an hour of walking to get up to target (I’ve stuck to the 10000 steps rule for 3.5 weeks, I’m not about to let that slip!) Walked up to Essex Road station and then home from Finsbury Park which got me 500 steps over target. I had 4 bars yesterday and didn’t succumb to the munchies so I feel like I did well there.

The fitted dress I only just mange to get into let alone do up when I’m around 17st is now getting loose in places – I reckon my official weigh-in on Monday will be around 16st 5 and my home scales will be showing somewhere in the 15s at last if I stick to plan and get a 20000 step day in over the weekend. Looks like that will have to be tomorrow as there’s heavy rain forecast for Sunday.

Inches are looking good – 6 off the bust and waist and 7 off the hips, and 2 off the arms and 3 off the thighs which is pretty good for just under 10 weeks of fannying about. Need 2-3 inches off the hips to be an official 18, I reckon, but most 18s are fitting me unless they are very fitted.

10-15 more weeks until the damage of the last 3.5 years is pretty much undone. Come on Sar, you can do it!



9 weeks on

No weigh in today – I’ll be around what I was last week as I have made next to no progress. Back on track now, I’ve stuck to 10k steps a day (and have averaged over 12k a day for the last 3 weeks) – yesterday I walked 10 miles, but the terrible weather last week and the cold and rain made me munchy. Plus I realised that some back pain I had been getting was probably related to my digestion so I went back to normal eating for a few days to test what was triggering it – it looks like all those supposedly sensible 1200 kcal meals I’ve been having on tough days are causing the problem so I must remember to stagger up to them over a few days rather than just have them. Easier said than done, but my goodness the trapped wind.

Back on the packs yesterday – ate 4 due to the more than 3000 calorie burn I would have had yesterday. On the packs still today – still aiming to get 100 days in before my holiday, the window’s getting smaller, but it’s still achievable! – it’s 5 weeks until I have my Easter holiday and then after that another 6 weeks to Italy. If I stick to it I will still be on track. I am amazed at how diligence over the steps is helping me – those weekends I was having where I wouldn’t get out of bed are a thing of the past – having to walk for at least 90 minutes a day means I leave the house, no matter what the weather. And the weightloss is remaining consistent because of the calories I am expending regularly and consistently.

On Saturday, I walked around the exceptionally gloomy heath.
OOn Sunday, it was looking unlikely that any sort of walk would happen as the weather was vile and I had a terrible headache. But I dragged myself out of the house and I did the whole of the Parkland Walk from my house up to Ally Pally – by the time I stood at the front of the palace it was blowing a hoolie and slicing rain into my face, so thankfully I only had to wait 4 minutes for my bus. The minute I got on to the bus, the sun came out again. Typical.

The Spriggan – a sprite that watches over the hill by my house. 
A birdhouse in Highgate Woods. 

Last night I got the bus up to Highbury Fields and then walked home via the edges of all the local parks – so through the Fields, over to Clissold and then all the way around Finsbury. I enjoyed my soup a lot when I got home.

Didn’t sleep very well last night. I’m fine, just brooding about a few of the usual things.

Eight weeks on…

Okay – not sure the days are a great way of tracking this as I have done 8 weeks since the new year so Day 16 sounds a bit inaccurate.
Today I have been ‘dieting’ for 8 weeks – ie even if I fell off the wagon, I did get back on it rather than give up for months. And in 16 weeks I have my last weigh in before Italy so I’m 1/3 of the way through the first ‘getting my weight down to just plain old overweight’ part of the process

I am officially 2 stone lighter and properly in a size 18 dress. I can now run for the bus without it hurting or me thinking I am going to drop dead. I can also now walk 10 miles without thinking about it. 

Last night I walked home and boy was it cold. Just over the halfway point as it got to the boring stretch of road, I started thinking about food. I wasn’t hungry, I was probably a bit thirsty and the cold must have really been getting to me. I walked into Tescos and then pretty much thought through what I was doing and walked out again. Walked past Sainsburys (I had convinced myself that a tasty omelette food pack would sort me out and got myself home. Well done, me.

I think I had 5 food packs yesterday. It’s okay – my weight is still down and I feel more in control today. I can’t always get my head round the not having a 4th pack thing – I have never worked out how you are supposed to space 3 packs over a day – I have my first one at 9, second one at 1.30 and my last one between 6 and 7.30. I suppose 8 – 2 – 8 makes the most sense or 9-3-8, maybe – but that’s a long time to wait for lunch when everyone else is eating around me.

Anyway – here’s the evidence of the last stone or so….



Day 15

So we are 8 weeks into the year and today my Boots scales weight was 16st 10 (4lbs down on 6 days ago)

My home scales read a blip over 16st so that’s around 2st down since the year started. It still doesn’t feel like I have lost that sort of weight or the definite dress size and a bit of me that’s gone – but from experience I won’t until I’m below 16st.

Now, here’s the thing – I have not had a by the book VLCD weekend, on Friday evening I was due to meet my bestie in a pub in Hampstead, the barman was lovely and hardly charged me any money for 3 diet tonics in a pint glass. But then I saw the salted almonds and couldn’t resist thinking ‘well my friend’s a vegan so at least she can share them with me when she gets here’ reader, I ate them before she even arrived and then I shared her Queen green olives with her. The ghost walk was wonderfully atmospheric – at one point we walked onto Hampstead heath with a gas lamp. And did you know that Hampstead has an Albino Sewer Pig myth? I certainly didn’t.


I got home about 10ish and bought my usual 1200 meal. The problem with going a little off track is that you then obsess about the fact that you have gone wrong so I find a trick to get out of it is to have a filling but on track meal. Which certainly helped. I had cottage cheese, prawns, chicken and leaves which came to around 550 calories which on top of the 400 calories at least for the almonds and olives makes it somewhere over 1500 calories for the day – but I walked over 15000 steps so still in deficit by more than 1000 kcals.

The next day was interesting – on Friday I had the sniffles and a faint sore throat which is probably why I caved, on Saturday I woke up with more of a cold. I still stuck to it but stayed in bed for longer than planned. I pottered over to Richmond to join my friends for ‘lunch’ (ie timing my arrival so I got there after the lunch had been eaten) that said, my friend who was hosting had posted a picture of her vegan gf chocolate cake on Facebook and I was dying to see it (and if truth be told, taste it) and when a slice was offered, I did not say no. To be honest I didn’t even get a sugar rush from it, it was so healthy – it was basically nuts and chocolate with raspberry coulis and almost nothing else. I felt so full I almost didn’t have my third food pack – so the ‘cake’ was barely more than 200 cals. Didn’t feel hungry in the evening, so all good.


Yesterday was almost back on track, but again, I still has a terribly chill and I was out of the house and had to kill some time somewhere unfamiliar so I bought a 100 kcal Pret egg protein pot. My bestie and I were on yet another mysterious London walk – the sudden surfeit of mysterious walks was a complete accident! The walk was about the works of Arthur Machen, the father of modern horror stories, I suppose (certainly rated very highly by Stephen King) and focused on that srange area of London, not quite Bloomsbury, not quite Clerkenwell, not quite Holborn where Great Ormond Street Hospital and Coram’s fields (a former place where foundlings could be left and the park where only children are allowed – children can take adults with them, but adults may not enter without children) stand – the area is connected to childhood innocence like no other part of London.


I got home and my delicious butternut squash soups had arrived – so I had a bowl for tea. I had a 3rd bar later in the evening which means my calories were around 950 yesterday – no terrible thing, but I wonder if my weightloss wouldn’t have been closer to 6lbs this week if I’d been a little more rigorous.

I was due my first milk week from next Monday so I shall reset the clock and have it in another 3 weeks. I now have enough foodpacks to get me through to June so I really mustn’t get any silly ideas now! 

Still, I am very happy with the results so far!


Day 12 of 100 (and 30)

For the first time in 2 years, some size 18 trousers that I bought back then expecting that I would get into them after my US holiday completely fit – when I tried them on a month ago they barely did up and would have been impossible to wear. Unfortunately I now know that they are far too long for me and need taking up, so that’s a job for the weekend. The jeans that I bought at the same time do not tell the same story – both from the same shop, both a world apart in sizing but I guess I’ll get them on once the next half stone is gone. Speaking of which – Stupid Home Scales finally show that I am another 3-4 lbs down which bodes well for Monday. I’ve bought a load of 16s and 18s for about a tenner a pop in the dregs of the new year sales to get me through the next couple of months of inevitably increasingly loose waistbands.
Tonight I am off on a Hampstead ghost walk run by my friend with my best friend and another good friend who I do stuff like this with. We will no doubt end up in the pub afterwards, but with those two highly entertaining and considerate chaps I am confident I won’t be annoyed that I can’t drink! Also I have bought a third bar out with me so I don’t get fidgety whilst I’m out.

I get so annoyed with the deals on the exante page – they don’t always show up and I got to the point where I thought ‘well I’ve run out of soup so I’ll take that deal I wouldn’t normally take as it means buying in massive quantities to get what I want’ As soon as I had submitted by cart, the offer I actually wanted flashed up on the screen. It’s been contrary like that ALL WEEK.

I have a few social gatherings scattered through the weekend, although it seems like I am coming down with a cold so I’m not quite sure how much I’ll get out this weekend. 

Next week at work will be busy though so I hope the worst of the cold is going to be over the weekend.

Tomorrow I will be 1/10th of the way through VLCDing. It’s been okay so far this time!